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I am a website designer and developer in Los Angeles, California. I specialize in designing and developing websites utilizing WordPress and Magento for small to mid- size businesses.

Websites are my passion, and when I say that I don’t say it lightly. I get immense satisfaction from creating sites that people from all over the world can visit. A website to me is an intriguing art form that not only has to look good, but it also needs to function perfectly. Functionality is important to the user experience, but equally as important for the company to convey their message, strategy and brand identity.

So why do I specialize in WordPress and Magento sites? It’s simple - these two platforms are both brilliant platforms for editing, adding, and maintaining content. Both allow functionality that can be extended to match a client’s requirements and idea scope.

One of the biggest principles I stand by is allowing a company or individual, to be self sufficient. I develop and create sites that can be easily maintained; allowing a company to not have to rely on outside sources. Some of my work with these two systems as well as other projects can be found in my portfolio.

My other passions in life are traveling and photography. These are the two things that I am usually doing if not designing and developing sites. I often post about those two things on my on my blog, and some of my photography can be found below. I am originally from Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to Los Angeles in 1999 where I know live as full time web developer and designer.

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Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time. To me trying to get the right lighting, or capture a fast moving object has a certain thrill to it. My favorite type of photography is motorsports and live music performances; because your lighting and timing has to be perfect.

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