Web Development

About Foxcroft

Foxcroft Academy is a private high school in Maine, and was established almost 200 years ago. The goal of the project was to create a website that was visually appealing but at the same time it had to be very user friends for the student, staff, parents, alumni but also cater to people that might be interested in joining the Foxcroft family.

The Technology

Foxcroft was developed in it's entirety on WordPress using the Foundation 5 framework. WordPress was chosen because it provided a great structure for the school to update information quickly and easily, yet also gave us the opportunity to create custom and advanced pages to show the information.

The Challenge

The challenge when creating this site was the sure amount of content, there is information for students, prospective students, parents, athletes and teachers. The first goal was to make each of these users be able to find the information relative to them without too many clicks, and to be able to find it easily. That was key! The second goal was to make it visually appealing, this was done by the use of photography which is prominent throughout the site, this ensures balance between the text content and makes it a lot easier to view.

The Outcome

A fully responsive site featuring great visuals, user experience and navigation.

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