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Am I a developer or a designer? That is the question that I often get asked and when I answer “both” the next questions is usually “Which do you prefer?” The answer is that I am a hybrid. I am passionate and enthusiastic about both web design and development. I love wearing both hats because one allows me to be creative and the other allows me to be technical and logical. Having experience in both roles helps me look at various parts of the puzzle simultaneously to ensure that the design is feasible and logical with the functionality to support and match it. I have some more basic information about what I do on my about page. Below I have broken up the aspects that I handle in a more “technical” jargon. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Website Development

I develop websites primarily on two major platforms: WordPress and Magento, as well as Shopify, OpenCart, Zencart and stand-alone HTML pages. I develop sites using SASS, Foundation, Bootstrap and JQuery. The combination makes for extremely powerful and well functioning websites. Repository systems are a must when keeping track of changes, as well as when working with teams - which is why I always use either GIT or SVN for any project.

Web Design

When designing a site it is important to look at it from three main factors; beauty, functionality, and brand message/goal. A successful site has all three of these, if one is missing then the site is not reaching the visitor in the correct way. For design I create the mockups in Photoshop which allows me to show the client their site design for the desktop, tablet, and mobile view before it has been built. I can also show variations to a client if they are unsure of what look they would prefer. This process if vital as it allows the client to see what the end product will look and feel like.

Wordpress Specialist

Since 2005 I have been using and developing WordPress sites. It is a system that has grown so much since it started. My experience with WordPress allows me to create sites that can easily be maintained and allow additional content to be added with ease. Another core service that I provide is WordPress maintenance, management, and extending functionality of current sites running on WordPress. Security is key and keeping your website updated is extremely important.

Responsive Development and Design

Responsive design and development is mandatory for every website. It allows users to view a website on their computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. In today’s extremely fast changing technology environment it is vital to have a website that will be compatible even with the release of new devices. The principal of mobile design is to make it make sense for a user on any platform they use. Users interact in different ways when using different devices, and it is important to keep all of these factors in mind.

Video & Photography

Video and the web are now closer than ever before, as more and more companies are using video content on their sites. Video editing and optimization for the web are vital and can either make or break a website, my experience and focus on web content allows me to let my clients get the most out of using videos on their site, whether it be video backgrounds, video content or even live streaming.

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